Celebrating freedom isn’t always about political or national freedoms, it is sometimes about physical freedoms to overcome obstacles and allow the disadvantaged to have options for getting what they need. A newer business branch of Ownby Insurance Service, Inc. in Sevierville is a big provider in personal, physical freedom for many in Sevier County who cannot make important medical meeting with their Paratransit Insurance service.

According to their website, “Paratransit transportation service is for individuals who need assistance in getting to doctor appointments, check-ups, meetings related to those topics and other such transportation needs that do not require emergency assistance. The difference between this and something like a taxi is that non-emergency medical transport is both private transportation and equipped for individuals with disabilities and special needs; providing wheelchair transport, safe transport for oxygen tanks and other supplies and needs.”

Insurance policies for Paratransit Support can include:
-Non Emergency Medical Transportation
-Private Ambulance
-Stretcher Transportation
-Wheelchair Transportation
-Emergency Medical Transportation
-Ambulatory Transportation
-Non-Ambulatory Transportation
-Disability Transportation

If you or someone you know is in need of non-emergency medical transport, call Ownby Insurance Service at 865-453-1414. Visit their website at http://medicaltransport.insure or https://www.ownbyinsurance.com/.