Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement:
As information is an important part of our business, we understand how important it is to you to know what will happen to the personal information you give us. We hope this statement will answer your questions about our information policies and security precautions.

Information Gathering:
As you browse the Celebrate Freedom web site, you do so anonymously. There are two ways that we gather information about you. First, we do track which pages of our site you visit and note your IP address (as all web sites do automatically), but we do not gather or save any information about you as an individual. The general information we gather enables us to serve you better by improving our site based on use patterns. Second, we only gather specific information from you when you request our services.

Personal Privacy:
Celebrate Freedom knows how important it is that sensitive information about you remains confidential. We DO NOT exchange general tracking and IP address information collected by our web site with anyone!

Usage of this Site:
A request for information does not grant or permit any outside agents or individuals permission to use any portion of this web site for personal use, gain or benefit. All images and content are protected by The United States Federal Copyright Laws. Any attempt to use this site without written permission will result in immediate investigation and potential litigation.

Additional Information:
To learn more about privacy, the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has created a reference page on Internet privacy.

Liability Disclaimer:
Celebrate Freedom and our web design company, Brainstorm Cafe, Inc., assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of information contained in the property listings herein. The information, documents, and related graphics published on this web site may include inaccuracies or typographical errors which may have been provided by the clients of Celebrate Freedom. Celebrate Freedom may make improvements and/or changes to this web site from time to time without notice to previous visitors.

Celebrate Freedom and our web design company, Brainstorm Cafe, Inc. make no representations about the suitability of the information, documents, and related graphics contained on this web site for any purpose. In no event shall Celebrate Freedom and our web design company, Brainstorm Cafe, Inc. be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special or consequential damages arising out of or in any way connected with the use of this web site or with the delay or inability to use this web site or for information obtained through this web site, or otherwise arising out of the use of this web site. The Tennessee Department of Agricultural and Consumer Affairs allow substitution of the offering in the event of unforeseen circumstance as long as the new rental is of equal and similar value. We at Celebrate Freedom or its clients, never substitute accommodations without making a very best effort to contact the client in advance of arrival. Substitution only occurs due to unforeseen circumstances such as major breakdowns or similar occurrences.

All rates and conditions are subject to change without notice. Confirmation of information provided herein is the responsibility of the renting party and property rental company.

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