The Smoky Mountains is popular as a family-friendly destination for younger family getaways and family reunions for a good reason: consideration and provisions for the variety of those who come here. Dollywood is an incredible Smoky Mountain experience, but not everyone can afford to go and bring all the kids there once they get here. Many families looking to get their children’s energy spent before all their vacation budget also need convenience and ease of getting in and out to make the outing decent, and that’s where The Track Family Fun Center in downtown Pigeon Forge comes in to literal play. When parents want to know where they can take the kids somewhere that won’t be exhausting or exorbitant, we recommend The Track!

Does The Track compare to Dollywood or Ober Gatlinburg? Nope, but not every attraction in the Smokies needs to. Sometimes a fun park just needs to have the essentials and “enough” to be a hit with the group, and that’s where The Track shines. For the tweens, The Track offers go-karts, bumper cars, blaster boats, elevation rides, mini-golf and more we’ll detail below. For the younger kids, there’s Kids Country with a Carousel, kiddie karts, baja buggies, a mini-ferris wheel, spin tops, a riding train and, yes, more! Whether folks come around for Winterfest, as part of their Summer vacation family plans, or as something fun to do while seeing the color change of the Smoky Mountain autumn, The Track is open and you can hear the engines revving and the kids squealing with excitement all year ’round!

We mentioned some rides before, right? Well, let’s look at some of them right here with descriptions coming from The Track itself:

Wild Woody
“The Track’s signature go-kart attraction! Zoom up three and a half stories and circle back down with an exciting drop at the bottom before starting the ascent all over again. Guests must be at least 4’8″ to drive a single kart and 16 years old w/ID to drive a double kart. Passengers must be at least 3’0″ to ride in a double kart. The maximum weight is 300 lbs. for single karts and 500 lbs combined for double karts.”

Family Track
“The Family Track is the essence of classic go-karting featuring single and double go-karts riding on a traditional figure-eight track with an overpass. Drivers must be at least 4’6” to drive a single kart and at least 16 years old w/ID to drive a double kart. Passengers must be at least 3’0″ to ride. Maximum Weight: 300 lbs for Single Karts; 500 lbs combined for Double Karts.”

The Skyflyer
“Capture the thrill of skydiving in the safety of the harnessed suit. You and your fellow flyers (3 total allowed) will be pulled up 75 feet. When you are ready to fly, you pull the cord to soar through the sky like your favorite superhero.”

Blaster Boats
“Cool off, battle each other and soak friends and family with the water cannons in each boat. Guests must be at least 3’8” to drive, and passengers must be at least 3’0” to ride. Guests must be 18 years old w/ID to drive a passenger. The maximum combined weight is 450 lbs.”

Bumper Cars
“Just like the classic carnival ride, the Bumper Cars feature cars with bumpers for guests to zoom around the arena giving little bumper bumps along the way. Guests must be at least 4’0” to drive and 3’6” to ride as passenger (free). Guests driving with a passenger must be 16 years old w/ driver’s license.”

Spin Tops
“The Spin Tops are a classic that will have your kiddos spinning right round and coming back for more fun. Ride Requirements: Max height 4’10”.”

Rio Grande Train
“Who doesn’t love the sights and sounds of a train chugging along its tracks? Bring the train experience to life for your toddler and kiddos at The Track. The maximum height is 4’10”.”

Noah’s Lark
“Board Noah’s Lark for big-time fun for your littlest ones. Swaying from side to side like a ship at sea, Noah’s Lark promises waves of laughter and joy as your kids set sail. The maximum height is 4’10”.”

Now when it comes to the aforementioned convenience, The Track is a winner here as well. Located between the parkway in Pigeon Forge and Teaster Lane, The Track is within easy walking distance to The Shops of Pigeon Forge, The Mountain Mile as well as easily connecting to other places of interest in Pigeon Forge. For those looking to bring a large group of family members to the Smokies for a reunion, it is easy for the interested adults to take the kids to The Track while the rest walk up to The Shops of Pigeon Forge or The Mountain Mile. It’s also an easy place to find and drive in and out of. Sometimes the street The Track is on fills up with traffic, but as it’s not a major street, that traffic also typically moves along decently enough as well.

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