We have loads of unique attractions in Pigeon Forge that are designed to give our entire city experience something that’s impossible for families, kids and adults to ever forget. Pigeon Forge Snow, the name and focus of our article here today, joins the upper echelons of Pigeon Forge attractions you can’t easily find anywhere else alongside the Titanic Museum, Wonderworks and Beyond The Lens. This is an indoor attraction located next to The Mountain Mile on Teaster Lane and it’s very easy to find and convenient to get to!

For decades, Ober Gatlinburg was the only attraction providing Winter sports in the Smoky Mountains and continue to do so to the delight of snowboarders and skiiers for 4 of our coldest months on the calendar – but for being able to enjoy winter fun outside that Gregorian limit, Pigeon Forge Snow opened up in 2018 to give us access to the white water-based stuff we love so much all year-round with their snow-tubing facilities. It’s been a big hit in town (particularly during the Summer, which probably shouldn’t be surprising) and we think it would be a big hit with you and your group the next time you visit our area!

Here’s what Pigeon Forge Snow has to say on their attraction:

“Hot or cold, rain or shine, Pigeon Forge Snow stays open year round – and our REAL SNOW never melts away. We’ve got fun for all ages, from little ones to teens to parents. And believe it or not, it’s always 60-70 degrees inside, so you won’t even need to bring your parka! We’ve got a whole hillside of snow tubing hills – plus a huge Snow Play area. Everyone can race down the slopes, build snowmen and snow forts, and have all kinds of wintry excitement – even in the middle of July!

Our snow is made from 100% pure water, with no additives of any kind. We use a unique patented process to make snow just as nature makes it – except we make our snow every day of the year, so you’ll never have to check the weather report before stopping by. No reservations needed. Unlike outdoor snow tubing, there is no need to plan your day around us. Just show up when you are ready to begin your adventure and we will get you on the slopes. This snowy adventure is a perfect choice for families and kids of all ages. You’ll never pay an entrance fee, and parents can watch kids tube for free! Kids and adults love us. But don’t take our word for it – check out our online reviews and see for yourself! From 3 to 93, everyone loves to slide down the hill!

You won’t find anything like this in Tennessee – or anywhere else in America. Pigeon Forge Snow is the first attraction of its kind in the country. Next time you’re in the area, you won’t want to miss this unique adventure.”

Visit Pigeon Forge Snow at https://pigeonforgesnow.com/.