Once upon a time in downtown Sevierville, on a corner not far from the courthouse and the historic district surrounding it, there once was a theater called “The Pines” that served as a hybrid stage entertainment center that showed movies in the daytime and had live performers at night. That time was during the golden era of Country Music for County Music fans between 1944 and 1957. Artists that played there are a few that you may have heard of in obscure corners – just some people like Roy Acuff, June Carter Cash, Archie Campbell, Chet Atkins and a little girl from the Sevier County hollars named Dolly Parton that I think works at a theme park somewhere nowadays…

Well, after the Pines closed, that corner of town went on to become quite a few things that were very different than a venue for motion pictures and bluegrass. But in 2023… well, it’s still different than it used to be, but the entity known as “The Pines in Sevierville” has returned in a new form at the same location to provide new generations of Sevierville night life with a new hangout spot featuring what their website describes as “Pins + Pours + Provisions”.

What else does the Pines Downtown’s website say about their modern incarnation? Take a look below:

“In the heart of Sevierville’s Downtown Historic District and in a building home to Sevierville’s unforgettable entertainment roots, The Pines re-opens its doors for more history to be made. An atmosphere of gaming, lounging, and competition, you, your friends, and family can enjoy indulging in great fun, food, beverages, conversation, and overall entertainment.

THE PINES brings people together to inspire fun, memory-making, relationship-building, and historic appreciation.

A nostalgic social corner where the stakes are high and the drinks are cold! In 1944, The Pines Theater was Sevierville’s go-to entertainment venue, hosting western movies by day and live entertainment by night. We’ve renovated our historic hall to give credit where credit is due. History meets modern entertainment. Strike a pose with our mural on Court Avenue featuring famous faces that have graced these halls — Roy Acuff, June Carter Cash, Archie Campbell, Chet Atkins, and Country Music superstar, Dolly Parton. Welcome to the Pines. Game on!


Come ready to compete in one (or all) of our high-stakes games including: Duckpin Bowling, Giant Jenga, our larger-than-life gaming cocktail corner, and more! Come hungry. Come thirsty. Leave happy. (Unless you lose. Sorry ‘bout it)

• Dutch Shuffleboard
• Foosball
• Giant Jenga
• Darts
• Retro Video Games
• Snookball
• Board Games
• Cocktail Arcades”

See more on The Pines Downtown at https://thepinesdowntown.com/sevierville-the-pines-about.