Brochures for vacation ideas like Parrot Mountain in Pigeon Forge are everywhere. Every rest stop, gas station, restaurant, grocery store and information desk in the county stocks some awesome information and visual demonstrations of a variety of attractions in town that don’t always get the spotlight when talking about fun things to do with the family in our area.

Parrot Mountain is one such attraction and this blog post intends to introduce more visitors to the sanctuary, as well as recommend picking up a brochure for yourself.

Pictures and written info are below:

“Parrot Mountain And Garden of Eden

In the beginning, God created all things.

Hundreds of tropical birds in a Garden of Eden surrounding. See, Touch and Feed!

The Hidden Jewel of the Smokies! It’s not just an attraction, it’s an Experience!

See, touch and feed God’s beautiful tropical birds

The Largest Bird Park in the Southeast
Our birds are housed outside in beautiful English-style cottages where they can enjoy sun, rain and fresh air as in their natural habitat. Our birds put on a show all day long. You will hear singing and talking birds and see dancing birds. Visit our nursery where you can hold and pet the babies, also see newly hatched baby parrots and watch them being handled.

You can also purchase a bird if you fall in love with one and take it home. The park has hundreds and hundreds of exotic birds from all over the world in a Garden of Eden setting. In our bird garden you can feed the parrots and have souvenir pictures taken holding a parrot.

Experience a walk-in aviary whereh colorful Australian Lorikeets drink nectar from a cup in your hand.

Enjoy your lunch from our deli while sitting on our cabana overlooking the Smoky Mountain and listening to the sounds of tropical birds.

Walk through out Secret Garden where you can see Toucans, Horn Bills, Magpies and other birds flying freeing in our beautifully landscaped secret garden.

As you stroll down beautiful paved pathways, you will enjoy viewing tens of thousands of flowers and plants. Have your picture taken sitting in our unique butterfly, peacock and dragonfly benches.

Experience the Prayer Garden

As you stroll through the prayer garden, you will see a replica of the Crucifixion of Christ. Next you will see a replica of the empty tomb of Christ.

Finally at the end of the prayer garden you will see a 7ft. statue of the resurrected Christ.

Have a photo taken with the parrots – enjoy feedin the parrots in our Bird Garden. They will eat seed out of your hand.

Come experience a jungle-like adventure through the canopy of the trees – the Bird Walk.

Hundreds and hundreds of tropical birds.

Named as one of 2021’s most romantic gardens in the U.S.

Have your photo taken with large Macaws.

Letting our light shine and glorifying God through his beautiful creation of Birds, Plants, and Trees. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid.

Here at Parrot Mountain, you can interact with the birds by actually petting, feeding and handling them!”

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